Choosing the right boxing gloves is important for any boxer, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Having the right tool is essential for efficiency, safety and success.

When it comes to boxing gloves, the two most common options are laced and Velcro boxing gloves. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, making them suitable for different needs and preferences.

Which one is the best? Comparing both the gloves in terms of their fit, convenience, wrist support, and suitability for different types of boxing activities can help you determine which is right for you.

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The Perfect Fit

A perfect fit is a must when it comes to boxing gloves. In this regard, laced boxing gloves have an upper hand. It offers a more customizable and secure fit compared to Velcro gloves. The laces allow the user to tighten the gloves to the exact degree, ensuring they conform perfectly to your hands and wrists.

This precise fit can help prevent injuries by minimizing movement within the glove during intense training or sparring sessions.

Velcro boxing gloves on the other hand are hook-and-loop gloves. One of the key features of this glove is convenience as it can be easily fastened and adjusted by the wearer without any help. The problem with velcro boxing is that its fit might loosen over time, especially if the Velcro wears out or gets clogged with dirt and debris. However, HIT N MOVE has taken this in consideration and used an upgraded wrist closure system with double wrist pad system and very durable velcro which allows a similar security to a lace up glove.

Enhanced Wrist Stabilization

Laced gloves provide excellent wrist support, crucial for protecting this vulnerable area during intense training. The tighter, customized fit prevents hyperextensions and sprains, especially when throwing punches.

This can be particularly beneficial for boxers with a history of wrist injuries or those seeking maximum support during heavy bag work or sparring.

Velcro boxing gloves offer convenience, but it doesn’t have the advantage of laced gloves. Over time, the effectiveness of the Velcro may diminish, potentially compromising wrist support.

Greater Customization

The presence of laces on gloves offers a distinct advantage by enabling a highly customized fit, unlike gloves with velcro closures.

With laces, you have the flexibility to finely tune the tightness around your wrists and knuckles, ensuring a snug, secure sensation that evenly distributes pressure. This tailored fit creates a feeling akin to a “second skin,” enhancing dexterity and reducing the likelihood of sustaining injuries during physical activities.

Greater Fist Control

Laced boxing gloves offer a secure fit which translates to more control over your fists. This allows for precise punches with better accuracy, which is vital for developing proper technique and landing clean strikes.

A loose grip, like a Velcro glove, allows the glove to wobble in flight, sacrificing accuracy. Laced gloves, with their secure fit, act like a tight bowstring. They stabilize your hand and wrist, channeling power precisely into your knuckles. This translates to pinpoint punches that land exactly where you intend.

Not only does this improve your striking power, but it also minimizes wasted energy and reduces the risk of injuring yourself by hitting at awkward angles. With a secure, laced glove, every punch becomes a testament to your honed technique and focus.

Investment for the Future

Invest in laced gloves for your boxing journey. While they may cost more at first, their quality materials and construction bring significant long-term benefits.

Consider a set of Velcro gloves with deteriorating straps that are losing their adhesive power. In contrast, laced gloves are designed to withstand the demands of regular training. The robust leather build and reinforced stitching ensure resilience against numerous punches and mitt work sessions.

When it comes to boxing gloves, opting for laced ones offers superior durability and performance. By investing in laced gloves, boxers can expect long-term reliable protection and support, making it a prudent choice for dedicated athletes.

The Bottom Line

Laced boxing gloves perform better than velcro gloves in so many ways. It offers ease of use, better grip, reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Invest in quality gloves to enjoy a better boxing experience. Use this comparison to choose the right boxing gloves for a better experience.

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