1.5 lbs invented 2021

Our value is based on boxing gear research and the optimization of weight for athletes to maintain the correct throwing form. When weight increases, movement becomes a push instead of a throw. Boxing is a sport of explosive throws.

Unlike regular 24oz gloves, which tend to be bulky and impractical, All Day+ Conditioning boxing equipment’s gloves were designed with the feel of sparring gloves while offering athletes the additional weight.

All Day+ Boxing gloves are designed to weigh 1.5 lbs because research suggests that to maintain the same throwing form, athletes shouldn’t exceed 1.5 lbs. Furthermore, research indicates that the old-school method of punching with dumbbells can strain ligaments in the rotator cuff.

With this incredibly sleek glove, there are no additional weights to put on or take off. We found that traditional gloves of this weight were wrist-heavy and not practical in terms of the anatomical principles behind throwing a punch.

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