We believe in the incredible power of movement to inspire change, develop growth and build community. With this in mind, we created Hit N Move.Every offering designed by our team is created with ultra premium materials and a foundation of innovation because boxing deserves better.


Ozzie Akcakaya

Founder & CEO

Ozzie is an international certified personal trainer by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). While having a successful sales management career in the pharmaceutical industry, his passion for developing sporting goods led Ozzie to find HIT N MOVE®. Ozzie started HIT N MOVE® with one question; how do we offer products that bring the most possible realistic experience without developing bad habits? With his medical knowledge in orthopedics and anatomy, coupled with his NASM and European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) Level 4 certifications, he started HIT N MOVE®.

“Our goal is to provide innovative sporting goods and equipment which enhance training experience for athletes so they can train ALL DAY®”

Alaina Akcakaya

VP of Public Relations

Alaina Akcakaya has a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has had a successful career within the consulting industry. Using her background in ergonomics, Alaina enjoyed designing and perfecting the HIT N MOVE® organizational culture. As a post collegiate athlete, she understood the desire of perfecting a skill without developing bad habits. She is passionate about the athlete’s experience with HIT N MOVE® products and believes in the importance of the user engagement and public relations as HIT N MOVE® is becoming a world wide brand.