Unique and Authentic

Unique and Authentic

Aerodynamics and Ergonomics 


Dart (DR-T) Padding is meticulously designed using the principles of ergonomics to offer athletes acceleration. The story of Dart padding, also known as Dr-t by HIT N MOVE® is an interesting innovation. The founders with close working relationships with orthopedic surgeons, set out to develop a unique type of padding that could mimic the flight of a dart while providing effective performance and protection during strikes.

HIT N MOVE®‘s idea stemmed from  understanding of the mechanics of punching and the similarities it shares with the motion of throwing a ball. Recognizing that the movement of punching involves the action of throwing a fist, HIT N MOVE® sought to create a padding solution that would not only protect the user but also exhibit characteristics of flight akin to a dart.

To achieve this, team of HIT N MOVE® drew upon the knowledge of human bone weight distribution, particularly from the 4-inch wrist to the entire fist. By understanding this ratio and applying it to the design of the dart padding, HIT N MOVE® aimed to replicate the weight distribution within the human arm to optimize the padding’s balance and performance, aligning it with the natural mechanics of a punch.

Once They achieved the applied science of the human bone weight distribution ratio to the design of the dart padding, The founder and his boxing team rigorously tested the product to ensure its functionality and aerodynamic properties. Employing techniques such as slow-motion camera analysis, he observed the flight dynamics of the padding as it was thrown in the air. This meticulous testing process allowed him to confirm that the padding achieved an ideal aerodynamic and ergonomic weight distribution, aligning with the vision of creating a padding that not only protected but also emulated the flight of a dart.

Through his unique combination of expertise in martial arts, medical knowledge, and understanding of aerodynamics, HIT N MOVE® succeeded in developing the innovative Dart padding, which embodies a fusion of functionality, protection, and the graceful flight dynamics of a dart.

DR-T padding comprises micro layers that contribute to crafting a glove that is compact, comfortable, protective, and long-lasting. “We have successfully combined protection, performance and comfort in a remarkably compact puncher’s glove,” remarks the founder of HIT N MOVE.

This comprehensive glove technology positions Hit N Move Training Boxing Gloves; Agility and Balance as the market’s most comfortable and durable training gloves, exemplifying our dedication to creating top-quality boxing gear.

Innovating Turtle Mitts

Turtle Mitts

For decades, boxing gear like focus mitts needed an upgrade. Unfortunately, boxing equipment’s did not evolve with science and technology. HIT N MOVE recognized this void and assembled a team to redesign the focus mitt for boxing coaches.

The creation of the turtle mitts began with a vision to develop a revolutionary product. The team behind the mitts made a bold decision to break away from conventional designs and completely reimagine what a mitt could be. This decision was driven by a determination of HIT N MOVE to innovate and push the boundaries of what was possible in the world of sports equipment.

The inspiration for the turtle mitts came unexpectedly when the company’s founder was doing his road work “running”. He encountered a turtle attempting to cross the road. As he gently moved the turtle to safety, he was struck by how much the turtle’s shape resembled the mitt he had been striving to draw. In a moment of inspiration, he trademarked “Turtle” and issued the executive order to commence product testing. He wanted a super light focus mitt that attaches to the hand and allows super fast drills with a similar weight distribution to the GOD’s creation Turtle. This journey spanned approximately 14 months and involved numerous prototypes.

The name “Turtle” was born from this encounter and was subsequently trademarked to represent the unique qualities of the mitts. Despite a highly competitive market with significant sponsorship barriers, the Turtle mitts managed to distinguish themselves and break through these barriers. Today, high-level coaches rely on Turtle mitts to elevate their performance, demonstrating the success of the company’s innovative approach and dedication to creating a product that stands out from the crowd. 

At last, Hit N Move achieved perfection with Turtle. Coaches can now create new and more advanced drills safely and easily, maintaining seamless flow with their fighters.

World famous coach Calvin Ford who is the main coach of Gervonta Davis has been a big fan of the turtle mitts and immediately adapted HIT N MOVE products, including boxing gloves and mitts into his camp.

Innovating 1.5lb Gloves

The World’s First Sleek 1.5lb Glove

Our value is based on boxing gear research and the optimization of weight for athletes to maintain the correct throwing form. When weight increases, movement becomes a push instead of a throw. Boxing is a sport of explosive throws.
Unlike regular 24oz gloves, which tend to be bulky and impractical, All Day+ Conditioning boxing equipment’s gloves were designed with the feel of sparring gloves while offering athletes the additional weight.
All Day+ Boxing gloves are designed to weigh 1.5 lbs because research suggests that to maintain the same throwing form, athletes shouldn’t exceed 1.5 lbs. Furthermore, research indicates that the old-school method of punching with dumbbells can strain ligaments in the rotator cuff.
With this incredibly sleek glove, there are no additional weights to put on or take off. We found that traditional gloves of this weight were wrist-heavy and not practical in terms of the anatomical principles behind throwing a punch.

Innovating Boxing Glove Padding 


Glove designs began with analyzing and innovating how the boxing glove padding interacts with the wrist and knuckles to absord impact and inrease the acceleration of punch momentum due to aerodynamic design of Dart Dr_T padding.

Innovating Professional Fighter Partnerships


Fight gloves are unique and designed in direct partnership with professional fighters. Our development team works with each fighter to create a collection of gloves that the professional is proud to wear. Fighters have preferences of how compact the glove is, how it feels on impact, the leather durability and so many other preferences. The Hit N Move Team works directly with real boxers to innovate how we create boxing gloves for all atheletes. 

Innovating Boxing Workouts


Boxing Reflex Trainers are crafted differently than traditional boxing equipment because boxing deserves better. uses a one of a kind shock absorber system built with four high grade springs mounted to an extra thick component base. This construction enables maximum noise reduction and over 90% less wobbling. The shock system enables an incredibly realistic fighting experience that makes the Boxing Reflex Trainer the highest quality skill station in the industry.