1.5 lbs (24 Oz) Conditioning Gloves (Lace Up)


Introducing the first sleek and compact 1.5 pound conditioning boxing glove. Designed in the USA and developed to create an incredibly unique form the same feel of a traditional 16 ounce glove.

All Day plus offer a comfortably distributed weight increase for better conditioning, the increased weight is derived by proprietary concentrated padding within the glove

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The World's First Sleek 1.5lb Glove

All HIT N MOVE products are handcrafted by skilled artisans selected and hired by HIT N MOVE

Our value is based on research optimization of weight for athletes to keep the correct throwing form. When weight increases, movement becomes a push instead of throw. Boxing is a sport of explosive throws.

Unlike regular 24oz gloves which are bulky and impractical, All Day+ Conditioning boxing gloves were designed like a sparring glove while benefiting athletes with the additional weight.

All Day+ gloves are designed to weigh 1.5 lbs because research suggests that to keep the same throwing form athletes shouldn’t exceed 1.5 lbs. Also, research also suggests that old school punching with dumbbells can strain ligaments in rotator cuff.

There is no additional weights to put or take off this incredibly sleek glove. We found that traditional gloves of this weight were wrist heavy and are not practical in anatomical principles behind throwing a punch.

Feature Breakdown: 

    • Genuine Cow Hide Leather: Crafted with 100% genuine high grade cow hide leather to provide a natural cushion that delivers a next level of punching experience.
    • Smart Fit: Compact design provides a smart fit that creates a swift and sleek punching experience.
    • Moisture-Wicking Technology: Proprietary ALL DAY® moisture-wicking technology creates a dry chamber all throughout the interior of the gloves.
    • ALL DAY® Padding Technology: Built in weighted layered design with perfected knuckle support. 
    • Designed in the USA: All gloves are designed and engineered in the USA.
    • ALL DAY® Glove Bag: Matching ALL DAY® Glove Bag is included with each pair of ALL DAY® boxing gloves. 
    • Free Shipping: Receive FREE Standard FedEx Shipping on all ALL DAY® + Gloves. 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 6 in

Black/Gold, 24 oz White




Lace Up

Body Weight Glove Weight
90-120 lb
(41-55 kg)
12 oz
120-140 lb
(55-64 kg)
14 oz
140 lb and over
(64 kg and over)
16 oz


Elyssa Can
Elyssa Can
April 12, 2021.
My husband and I love this product. We have so much fun working out together with this. Definitely recommend for the quality.
Lamar Bentley
Lamar Bentley
March 22, 2021.
Absolutely love the quality! It's perfect for keeping me active and aware of my defense! This is an amazing product!
Fatih Ogut
Fatih Ogut
March 21, 2021.
Whatever they make is the hjghest quality, their gloves are way above the winning gloves and they only price it at $149
Urban Boxing DC
Urban Boxing DC
March 12, 2021.
When I first tried hitnmove, I was immediately impressed with how sturdy it was. The shocks were an excellent addition to absorb impact. I have 3 now for each of our Urban Boxing locations and all of our members love it. It’s an incredible useful boxing tool.
John A
John A
January 23, 2021.
This thing turned out a lot more fun than I expected. The video lessons that come with it are actually good and feels like I’m learning something.
Stephen Schneider
Stephen Schneider
January 23, 2021.
Absolutely dope concept—really mixes up the typical boring workout routine. Highly recommend.