Air Armor Precision headgear

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HIT N MOVE® air armor precision headgear marks a monumental moment in the world of boxing. We have completely revolutionized the traditional concept of boxing headgear with a groundbreaking design and micro padding technology that prioritizes both protection and performance.
1. Ultra-Lightweight Design
The headgear is designed to be extremely light, ensuring that it does not hinder the athlete’s natural movements and agility.
2. Multi-Layered Micro Padding Technology

Strategic padding placement in critical areas such as the chin, temple, cheeks, and back of the head.

This eliminates the need for bulky padding, offering protection without compromising mobility.

3. Sleek, Modern Design

The headgear boasts a contemporary look that appeals to modern athletes.

The design is not only functional but also stylish, making it a desirable piece of equipment.

4. Scientific Validation
Collaboration with Virginia Tech to validate the safety and effectiveness of the Precision Headgear.

The headgear showed comparable safety to traditional options while being significantly more compact and providing better visibility.

5. Innovative Approach to Launch
HIT N MOVE’s founders’ pharmaceutical background influenced a systematic launch akin to introducing a new medicine.

Phased testing conducted with Virginia Tech Laboratories (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3) were conducted to ensure the headgear met high safety and performance standards before it hit the market.

6. Benefits for Athelets

Enhanced Performance : Athletes can move more naturally and react quicker, closely mimicking their performance in actual fights.Superior Protection : Despite being lightweight and slim, the headgear provides robust protection, reducing the risk of injuries proven at Virginia Tech LabsComfort and Fit : The design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing athletes to focus on their sparring without distractions.

Scientific, Lightweight, Protective

Agile, Safe, Revolutionary

Precision Model Headgear Revolutionizes Boxing: Unmatched Agility and Safety Confirmed by Virginia Tech Testing

Our Precision Model headgear combines a lightweight form with a sleek, slim structure, enabling fighters to move with unparalleled agility and freedom in the ring.

We understand the importance of fluid movement in boxing, and we are proud to deliver a product that enhances the athlete’s ability to perform at their best.

It is with great pride that we have brought the Precision Model headgear to Virginia Tech lab for thorough testing and validation against the most popular models in the market such as Japanese model and USA boxing labeled models, and Mexican models.

Results were impressive and protection was comparable to those while Precision provides ability to roll punches and slip much easier due to it’s proprietary technology and design.

Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation is unwavering, and we are confident that this product will set a new standard in the boxing world.

Revolutionize Boxing: Unmatched Protection, Unparalleled Agility

The HIT N MOVE® Air Armor Precision headgear revolutionizes boxing with its ultra-lightweight, micro-padded design, validated by Virginia Tech for unmatched protection and agility.

Hitnmove’s Precision Headgear: Simulates Pro Fights with Slim Design and Superior Protection

Unmatched Agility

Precision Headgear allows boxers to move with unparalleled freedom.

Superior Protection

Designed with advanced micro padding technology for maximum safety.

Sleek Design

Ultra-lightweight and slim, offering modern aesthetics and functionality.

Tested Excellence

Validated by Virginia Tech for top-tier performance and reliability.
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Scientifically validated at Virginia Tech, Hitnmove’s Precision Headgear enhances boxer agility and safety

Hitnmove’s Precision Headgear revolutionizes boxing with a slim design and unmatched protection, simulating real fight.

Superior Agile Protection Headgear

The HIT N MOVE® Air Armor Precision headgear, the lightest and slimmest on the market, offers superior protection and agility compared to traditional headgear.