Turtle® invented 2022

The creation of the turtle mitts began with a vision to develop a revolutionary product. The team behind the mitts made a bold decision to break away from conventional designs and completely reimagine what a mitt could be. This decision was driven by a determination to innovate and push the boundaries of what was possible in the world of sports equipment.

The inspiration for the turtle mitts came unexpectedly when the company’s founder encountered a turtle during a run. In a moment of compassion, the founder rescued the turtle, and this encounter sparked the idea for a new type of mitt. The founder was inspired to design an ergonomic mitt that would not only enhance the performance of coaches but also provide them with a greater sense of safety and agility.

The name “Turtle” was born from this encounter and was subsequently trademarked to represent the unique qualities of the mitts. Despite a highly competitive market with significant sponsorship barriers, the Turtle mitts managed to distinguish themselves and break through these barriers. Today, high-level coaches rely on Turtle mitts to elevate their performance, demonstrating the success of the company’s innovative approach and dedication to creating a product that stands out from the crowd.