Did you know that in boxing, the head is the most common injury location, accounting for a staggering 71% of injuries, with concussions alone making up 33% within this category? It makes up a prime reason to invest in top-tier boxing equipment.

Stop! Before you think about landing a punch, first, protect your hands with well-fitting boxing gloves to improve your performance. Why should you wear high-quality boxing gloves that suit your training or match goals?

Boxing is an intense, physically demanding, and high-impact sport, which is why enthusiasts love it. But did you know there are risks with overusing your fists, too? It can be osteoarthritis, carpal bossing, or even fractures. Injuries happen all the time; particularly, new boxers are likely to hurt their hands with poor technique.

This risk becomes significant when you don’t wrap your wrists and wear suitable boxing training gloves. To add insult to injury, ordinary boxing gloves even hinder your performance (depending on your goals for each boxing session).

Find out here if you want to know why superior boxing gloves matter.

Can the right boxing gloves protect your hands and reduce the risk of injury?

Boxing gloves are made to reduce force as the glove compresses, so you can strike the bag (or your opponent) as hard as possible.  You need not worry so much about cutting or breaking your hands.  The proper boxing gloves distribute the force over a larger surface area and soften the impact (compared to punching with a bare fist). This way, it even saves your opponent.

How do the right boxing gloves improve your performance?

There are many types of boxing gloves available: bag gloves, training gloves, MMA gloves, sparring gloves, and more!

There’s a reason why there are so many options: they each suit a different boxing style and purpose. For example, smaller boxing gloves that are compact deliver the most powerful blow to your opponent, which makes them suitable for competing professionally in the boxing ring.

right boxing gloves improve your performance

However, when considering training purposes, your intention is to practice in the most comfortable and safest way without sacrificing performance. Larger training gloves for boxing with more padding work is best to protect you and the opponent.

Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves – things to consider:

  • Are you a beginner?
  • What is your purpose: training, sparring, or competing?
  • What size of boxing glove to choose?
  • How much should the gloves weigh in ounces?
  • What material are they made of?
  • Do you need to spend a lot of money on quality boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves for beginners

When starting boxing training for the first time, you may not feel having an elite level of gloves is much needed.

But as you continue with boxing sessions, you will likely want to feel the added benefits of comfort and protection the best boxing training gloves offer. However, the key elements to consider when buying a suitable pair of boxing gloves are size and weight.

How to choose the size of your boxing glove?

Three primary aspects determine the size of the boxing glove you select. The first is your height,  the second is weight, and the third is your hand circumference.

Our hands are generally in proportion with the rest of our bodies. So,  if you are taller and weigh more, you will usually pick a larger size glove.

A key element in choosing your boxing gloves is the perfect snug fit that melds with your hand size. The best way of knowing this is by measuring hand circumference. To get the correct measurement, use a fabric tape measure. Next,  measure the circumference of your dominant hand while it is open, but measure from just beneath your knuckles.

You can select the perfect-sized boxing glove based on height, weight, and hand circumference.

How do you choose the weight of a boxing glove?

You may choose lighter gloves as you become more technically sharp and your competition level rises. It will free you up more to throw the combinations you want more effectively.

When starting, you can limit hand injuries with larger boxing gloves, which also help a fighter feel protected. That peace of mind helps you focus on enhancing your skill set and technical ability.

Experts recommend gloves weighing 14oz-16oz for males and 12oz for females. These gloves offer protection and give you the kind of workout for your arms that prepares you for tough challenges down the line. You can discuss this with your trainer, as they can likely gauge your best option based on your level.

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The bottom line

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