Boxing can be an intimidating sport to a beginner. How to start training, which gloves to use, what workouts to focus on. No need to fear, every boxer started right where you are now and learned plenty along the way. Here are 5 things to know if you’re new to boxing that will get you going in the right direction.

1. Wrist Support

When you’re lacing up your gloves for the first time, it’s important to understand proper wrist and hand support. Clearly your hands are one of the primary weapons in boxing. Avoid starting off on the wrong foot by improperly wrapping your hands or cheap out with bad gloves. Down the road, your knuckles and wrists will thank you for properly using your equipment.

2. Knuckle Support

The padding that separates your knuckles from whatever you are throwing punches at is very important. Doctors can replace knees but unfortunately not knuckles (at least yet). Steer away from picking up the cheapest glove option when you’re buying your first pair. Each punch is pushing that impact back into your hand and knuckles – done incorrectly for long enough can cause some serious issues.

3. Patience

It’s tough to not see immediate improvement when starting something new. Keep in mind a strong castle is built on a stronger foundation. Master the basics and get comfortable before jumping too far ahead of yourself. It’s tempting to try the fancy moves you see Ryan Garcia or Canelo Alvarez do in their training. Boxing is simply a sport of creating power through momentum. Focus on footwork, movement, defense, and build from there.

4. Don’t Record Yourself (at least yet)

It’s tempting to take videos of yourself boxing and post them on social media. Showing all your friends your progress doesn’t actually help you grow in the sport, it can actually do the opposite. The last thing you want to do is get complacent with your training. Hearing that your boxing looks great – from people that don’t box – doesn’t add any value. Focus on improving and you can be sure someone will take a video when you catch their eye.

5. One on One Classes

Finally, often overlooked by beginners, one on one classes are a fantastic way to improve. Group classes are also helpful but having the direct attention of a coach will set you leaps and bounds ahead. Being able to ask questions about form, workouts, and technique to an expert can help build a great foundation for years to come. Consider finding a coach to work with after attending a few group classes in your area.


While being new to boxing can be daunting, these 5 things to know will get you started on the right foot. Understanding how to keep yourself healthy with proper wrist and knuckle support. Understanding patience and building a strong technical foundation, not recording and flaunting your progress at an early stage. Finally, taking advantage of one on one classes. Keep these in mind as you begin your boxing journey and remember to enjoy the process!