Hit N Move has long been developing padding technology and innovation within the boxing space. Founder and experienced boxer Ozzie Akcakaya has pushed the limits of what was possible with boxing gloves and equipment. Creating the DR-T technology within Hit N Move’s boxing gloves and innovative Turtle Mitts for coaches. Each piece of gear put out by Hit N Move is consistently the best quality for boxers. Take a look at a few glove comparisons here. Today we’ll take a look at the technology and innovation of Hit N Move’s gloves and other training equipment.

Hit N Move Gloves: DR-T Technology

The innovative padding technology within Hit N Move’s gloves are created with ergonomics first in mind. When you’re throwing a punch your hands are doing simply that – being thrown. Similar to when you throw a dart, if the weigh distribution is off tilt, the dart will fly incorrectly. Ozzie at Hit N Move approached his glove design with a similar manner distributing the padding weight to the optimal position for throwing punches. Ozzie went as far as throwing prototypes of the gloves with DR-T padding across the room to see if they flew smooth. The actual padding itself is packed with “micro layers” providing ample protection without sacrificing size. This created a middle ground allowing boxers to use these gloves on both the bag and in the ring while sparring. DR-T technology allows a boxer to protect their hands while maintaining a perfect glove size leading to smooth punches that feel vary natural. Each of these Hit N Move gloves are powered with DR-T technology and continue to be trusted by boxers worldwide.

Turtle Mitts

Hit N Move didn’t stop with just boxing gloves. The founders wanted to create better options for all aspects of training including focus mitts for coaches. Everything on the market at the time hadn’t evolved since focus mitts first started to get used. They provided unsafe angles for coaches to practice body shots. Often not able to get the right angle and taking blows often. The idea was born after Ozzie was on a run thinking about a design and saw a turtle crossing the road. The turtle was not only the perfect shape for a focus mitt, but the pattern was also perfect. After drawing up designs, consulting with many orthopedic surgeons and some trial and error, Turtle Mitts were born. They now allow coaches a safe option for body shots in training.

A Future of Innovation

When it comes to innovation and technology development in the boxing space, Hit N Move is leading the competition. Their revolutionary DR-T padding in their boxing gloves along with Turtle Mitts have created a new wave of safe boxing. Boxing has evolved throughout the years and there is no reason it should stop now. Hit N Move will continue to create safe and well crafted boxing gear to make training easier and more fun for boxers everywhere.