Hit N Move was created on a foundation of innovation to create the highest quality and most meaningful products because boxing deserves better.

Innovating Boxing Training Gloves 


Dart (DR-T) Padding is created by the science of ergonomics to provide athletes with acceleration, feedback and protection. From research, we know that force is generated from the feet and hip, and transferred through the core, shoulders, arms and finally to the target through the boxing glove. Within this kinetic chain, perfect punch requires a perfect glove which is ergonomically built for the speed, impact and security for the knuckles without bulking up the glove with too much padding like other protective gloves in the market. DR-T padding consists micro layers that make the glove small, comfortable, protective, and durable. “We brought protection and comfort into a very compact punchers glove” says the founder of HIT N MOVE

This integrated glove technology makes Hit N Move Training Boxing Gloves; Agility and Balance, the most comfortable and durable training gloves in the market.

Innovating Turtle Mitts

Turtle Mitts

For decades, focus mitts needed an upgrade. Unfortunately, boxing equipment did not evolve with science and technology. HIT N MOVE recognized this void and a team was assembled to redesign the focus mitt as an ultimate tool for every boxing coach. With regular mitts on the market, coaches are not able to create accurate angles for body shots; they had to twist their arms to position the palmer section of the regular mitt under their arms, or expose the back of their hands to the body jabs. Our founder, who has dedicated his free times to boxing, recognized this anatomical dangers coaches put themselves every single day. He did his research with his Orthopedic doctor fellows and found that many coaches visited doctors due to elbow and wrist pains because of holding mitts. Our founder began drawing the ultimate mitt with these concerns on his mind. While going on a run, he saw a turtle trying to cross the road. While holding the turtle to move it out of harms way, he was amazed how the turtle looked like the mitt he was trying to draw. He immediately trade marked “Turtle” and gave executive order to begin product testing. This process took about 14 months with many prototypes. Finally Hit N Move achieved the perfection with Turtle. Coaches are now able to create body shot drills safely and easily while flowing fast with their fighters.

Innovating 1.5lb Gloves

The World’s First Sleek 1.5lb Glove

Our value is based on research optimization of weight for athletes to keep the correct throwing form. When weight increases, movement becomes a push instead of throw. Boxing is a sport of explosive throws. Unlike regular 24oz gloves which are bulky and impractical, All Day+ Conditioning boxing gloves were designed like a sparring glove while benefiting athletes with the additional weight. All Day+ gloves are designed to weigh 1.5 lbs because research suggests that to keep the same throwing form athletes shouldn’t exceed 1.5 lbs. Also, research also suggests that old school punching with dumbbells can strain ligaments in rotator cuff. There is no additional weights to put or take off this incredibly sleek glove. We found that traditional gloves of this weight were wrist heavy and are not practical in anatomical principles behind throwing a punch.

Innovating Boxing Glove Padding 


Glove designs began with analyzing and innovating how the boxing glove padding interacts with the wrist and knuckles to absord impact and inrease the acceleration of punch momentum due to aerodynamic design of Dart Dr_T padding.

Innovating Professional Fighter Partnerships


Fight gloves are unique and designed in direct partnership with professional fighters. Our development team works with each fighter to create a collection of gloves that the professional is proud to wear. Fighters have preferences of how compact the glove is, how it feels on impact, the leather durability and so many other preferences. The Hit N Move Team works directly with real boxers to innovate how we create boxing gloves for all atheletes. 

Innovating Boxing Workouts


Boxing Reflex Trainers are crafted differently than traditional boxing equipment because boxing deserves better. uses a one of a kind shock absorber system built with four high grade springs mounted to an extra thick component base. This construction enables maximum noise reduction and over 90% less wobbling. The shock system enables an incredibly realistic fighting experience that makes the Boxing Reflex Trainer the highest quality skill station in the industry.